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Sustained Commitment has been at the fore of the Bosch India Journey and an invaluable part of our company is our remarkable history. Our recent Insignia event celebrated 100 Years of Bosch in India. The logos of the three momentous milestones of the Bosch India journey were unveiled during the Insignia event. The Bosch India Centenary Logo, the Golden Jubilee Logo of the Nashik Plant and the launch of the new name of Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions - Bosch Global Software Technologies.

The Bosch India Centenary Logo - Spark.NXT was launched as part of the Insignia event celebrations. The three pillars that Spark.NXT focuses on, are Spark, Sustainability and Future. A single spark can fuel a revolution, epic journeys and great ideas that can shape a better future for us. The Spark.NXT logo signifies the spirit that propels our organization forward. A spirit that embodies the vision of innovation, sustainability and future-readiness.

Bosch Hai to Josh Hai

Setting trends like a Bosch! Boschlers celebrated 100 years of Bosch in India by reeling up to the dance challenge in true Bosch spirit. Watch them groove to the Bosch Anthem.

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Bosch India 100 years Press Conference