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Spark.NXT Campus Inauguration

The Bosch campus at Adugodi, Bengaluru, took on a festive spirit on 30th June 2022 as we celebrated the launch of the new Spark.NXT campus. Inaugurated virtually by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri. Basavaraj Bommai, Filiz Albrecht, member of the Board of Management and Director of Industrial Relations at Robert Bosch GmbH and Soumitra Bhattacharya, President, Bosch Group in India and Managing Director at Bosch Ltd. is the largest Bosch campus in India that showcases our smart solutions beyond the mobility sector.

Spark.NXT Campus Walkthrough

Here’s a glimpse at what our associates experience every day at the Bosch India Spark.NXT campus. Explore how the workplace of the future upholds the tenets of safety, security and sustainability.




A cloud-based AIoT thermal comfort and energy management solution that collects user feedback, adjusts ambient temperature and optimises HVAC systems in real-time. Intelligently managing 33,000 sq ft of the campus, BIANCA helps create comfortable spaces for employees and preconditions workspaces according to their preferences.

Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

It actively monitors air quality and measures pollutants such as O3, NO, and particulate matter 24x7. The availability of real-time data helps tackle air quality challenges effectively and provides an overview of the campus environment inside and outside.

Smart Energy, Water and Lighting Management System

Based on advanced Industry 4.0 technology, Bosch DEEPSIGHTS manages and optimises multiple energy and water utilities for specific and complex use cases. It minimises major losses and promotes efficiency, saving close to 6% annual energy consumption. The Lighting Management System conserves energy with occupancy-based lighting and daylight harvesting.

Visitor Management System and Wayfinder

The Visitor Management System (VMS) leverages digital technology to alert the arrival of visitors and automate hassle-free check-ins, reducing their waiting time by 75%. The self-assisted Wayfinder platform offers sophisticated 3D navigation to simplify navigation within the campus.

Smart Parking

ParkZeus, an end-to-end, cloud-based Smart Parking Solution, eliminates the uncertainties of finding a viable parking spot within the campus. It focuses on convenience, quality, safety, sustainability and an improved user experience while reducing up to 5000+ kg of CO2 emission.

Agile Workspace and Lighting Management System

Agile Workspace from Bosch is a system that optimises office spaces through flexible, on-demand employee workspace booking. With Agile Workspace, organisations can optimise resource utilisation, and save space. And facility management can view real time occupancy data, usage data and address issues.

The Lighting Management System helps save energy through occupancy-based lighting and daylight harvesting.

Smart Security and Surveillance

Bosch Building Technologies offers solutions to minimise risks and maximise security, irrespective of the nature of security risk. The solution enhances campus security and fortifies the entrance and perimeters through Access control and Intrusion detection systems. The system comes with surveillance cameras integrated with advanced video analytics to flag specific events that need immediate attention and action.

Solutions in Spark.NXT Campus


Happy... Cold… Irritated… or Running late… the office campus makes you go through a myriad of emotions. Try our new Office Happiness Meter to find out how happy you are at work and share your results with the world. Try the filter now.


Influencers’ Take on Spark.NXT

Don’t take our word. Here are some of the country’s top tech influencers sharing their uninhibited views about the new Spark.NXT campus. Watch what impressed them the most and what moved them at the futuristic office space.

Employees Speak

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